Welcome to ULT-SPM Laboratory

金沢大学 吉田研究グループ



We investigate the physical properties of various condensed matter materials using a special microscope called a scanning tunneling microscope (STM) based on quantum physics. Our focus is especially on unconventional superconductors, nanoscale chiral magnets, and quantum spin systems. We utilize STM to unveil real-space and local atomic, electronic and magnetic structures of these materials, which cannot be obtained only with conventional macroscopic measurements. We also engage ourselves to develop new instruments. Currently, we are developing a microscope which works at ultra-low-temperatures, in strong magnetic fields, and in ultra-high-vacuum condition. We are also interested in the development of a microscope which is based on an atomic force microscope and enables us to investigate microscopically physical phenomena like quantum spin liquid; interesting physics of insulating magnetic systems. We also work on the development of high-speed and high-resolution scanning tunneling spectroscopy method based on machine learning. We just started in May 2018 and anyone who is interested in our research topics will be very welcomed. Please contact us and work together in Kanazawa!

* Our group is working closely with ULT physics group in Kanazawa University.