We served kids at the open campus event!


We joined the open campus event mainly for elementary students. We prepared two attractions. One is the demonstration of Messier effect with a high Tc cuprate and a strong magnet rail. The other one is making a simple motor with a Copper wire, a NdFeB magnet, and a battery together with children. We borrowed superconductors and magnetic rail from Prof. Okamoto and Prof. Ohashi and repeated experiments to find the optimal conditions for nice movement of superconductors along the rail. Our room was a little remote from the other rooms and therefore not much children came. But since we needed to spend quite some time for a child to make a motor, it was just good. Children seemed quite satisfied. Demonstration of Meissner effect was also quite popular and some kids stayed so long time repeating the experiment. Thanks a lot for your hard works, guys! Let’s improve some parts for next year!


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