We finally baked low-temperature STM and MBE systems!



We baked out two of our instruments – ultra-high-vacuum(UHV), low-temperature (LT), and high magnetic field(HF) scanning tunneling microscope(STM) and molecular-beam epitaxy system. Our LT-STM was developed and tested by Denda-kun, who joined us just one year ago and Tim, who were our group member between April and September last year. They intensively worked on the system and faced many trials and overcame them and then finally Denda-kun achieved the atomic resolution of the graphite surface at the end of last year. We wanted to bake out the system during end-year and new-year holidays with great helps from Shimamura-san and Inagaki-kun, but eventually we had to wait for the update of the breaker until the new year. But now we finished the bake out and now Denda-kun is trying to finish up his experiment under UHV conditions. Thanks a lot for your hard works, Denda-kun and Tim!!

We inherited the MBE system from Tokuda lab last summer, and just started bake out the system since we finally got (borrowed) evaporators and 5 evaporation sources. Kobayashi-kun and Nona and Shimamura-san and Yasuo worked on the preparation of the bake out. We plan to finish up the bake out on Monday. We are going to work on thin film depositions of magnetic materials collaborating with Prof. Ohashi and Shimamura-san. We don’t have much experiences on MBE, First of all, we should learn how to do RHEED….


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