Denda-kun finished up his final presenation!


Denda-kun finished up his final presentation of his master thesis. He joined us just about one year ago and started setting up our old LT-STM system. Even though he had no idea about LT-STM and UHV, he has done many things within one year – tested STM at ambient pressure, check all UHV components, STM wiring within the UHV chamber, construction of a hall probe insert and calibration of our 8 T superconducting for LTSTM, wiring of the thermometer for the 1K cryostat for the LT-STM and so on. From April to September last year, he worked together with Tim from Germany and had very nice relationship. He encountered many troubles like breakdown of the Omicron STM controller, and breakdown of the motor controller of RHK STM controller……but he was so patient and never gave up. He kept working hard and finally baked out the system in new year days and did STM observations on in-situ prepared Cr thin films! He is so caring and never be reluctant to help younger lab students for their experiments. His nice and lovely character cheers us a lot. We miss you, Denda-kun. If you get bored in the company you go, please come back as a Ph. D student! You are always very welcome. Thanks a lot for being our member, Denda-kun!


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